A Magickal Path 101 Witchcraft Lessons Module 1 ~ The Roots Of Witchcraft

Module 1 ~ The Roots Of Witchcraft

Module 1 ~ The Roots Of Witchcraft post thumbnail image

The Wicked Witch ~Part 1 ~ History & The Witch Trials

Throughout history, witches have had a bad reputation and are often viewed as evil devil worshipers … Well! I am a witch and I most certainly do not accept the concept of the devil… or am I evil.
As witches we do not acknowledge the existence of the devil .. this, in fact, a Christian belief.
Witches throughout history were driven underground due to persecution by the Christian hierarchy
This started approximately in the 1400’s and heightened in the 1600’s
“Anti-Witchcraft Laws” was repealed in 1951
Now, the New Age, witches, feel they can practice with minimal discrimination, but still, the myth of the wicked witch lingers ….

The truth about Witchcraft It is an ancient craft of our ancestors practised by witches, both male and female.
For myself, it is a way of life a path of magick, ritual and spiritual practices
It is a personal path of self-discovery and finding one’s own truths … by following the luna and seasonal changes and tapping into universal energies to attune ourselves with nature.
As a spiritual practice, it can exist alongside a religious or non-religious belief.
Witchcraft in ancient history was known as “The Craft of the Wise”

It is to my knowledge that there were many different religions and belief systems practised throughout Europe before early Christianity developed
( in an era of the Roman Empire)
Christianity first spread in the predominantly Greek-speaking eastern half of the Roman Empire and the Orthodox churches.
The aim was to suppress and control.
If you were to rebel against being conformed into believing in the one and only “One God” , then you were labelled as a “Hellene” … “Hellene” was initially utilized in place of Pagan.
The term “Paganism” was revived during the Renaissance when writers were trying to differentiate the old traditions from their contemporary Christian faith.
As far as ancient sources can tell, the term Pagan began to be used instead. It was more convenient to lump all non -Christians together.

Part 1 of 101 Natural Faith Witchcraft Lessons …. Click here to learn more!

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