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The Scientific Divination Of Astrology

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Astrology is based upon the celestial bodies and their positions at any given time. Astrology is a science, but it is also a divination tool. Astrology involves knowledge about the astrological plain and good mathematic skills. An astrologer can build a chart based upon any specific time and date in history. They then use this chart to explain to a person the answers to questions or details about their life.

Commonly when a person goes to an astrologer they will get a chart done that is called a birth chart. A birth chart is made using the persons exact time, date and location of their birth. The exact locations of the planets, sun and moon are charted based upon this information. The location of the planets, sun and moon then correspond to different meanings based upon their location.

Everyday use of astrology is shown in horoscopes which re loosely based upon the location of planets for a certain day or time period and how they relate to the signs of the Zodiac, which also play an important role in astrology. It is also common for people to refer to the location of planets to explain bad weather or other occurrences that seem more prevalent, for example the phrase ‘Mercury is in retrograde’ is used to explain why people seem to be a different mood than usual.

The role of the Zodiac in astrology is rather important. It is not only the location of the planets, sun and moon that is important when interrupting a report, but also what Zodiac sign a planet, the sun or the moon falls in at that time. Each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac carry their own traits, as do each of the planets, the sun and the moon. In astrology the effect of each planet, the sun and the moon changes depending what Zodiac sign it is in.

Astrology can be a difficult art to master. It requires plenty of knowledge and astrologers usually have many books and maps on hand in order to be able to pinpoint locations and such. They learn how to do charts for any time, date and location given. There are almost endless possibilities. An astrologer has to understand the basic layout of the planets, how they move and their location in relation to the earth and the Zodiac. It can take many years for an astrologer to master the skills needed to give an accurate astrological reading.

Astrology is based upon the thought that the way the planets, the sun and the moon are located within the heavens effect people in different locations differently. The natal astrology chart tells what a persons life will be like based upon their birth details. Astrology is a great tool to learn more about yourself. It can also be used by psychic readers to gain more insight into why something may be happening to a person.

When getting an astrology chart or reading it is important for a person to make sure their astrologer knows what they are doing. They should be able to answer any questions the person may have. They should have experience and be able to provide samples of their work and even references. An astrology chart or reading can be very expensive and before spending that amount of money a person needs to be sure they are dealing with a reputable astrologer.

Astrology can be a wonderful way get insight into a persons life. It combines the psychic world with the scientific world. Many people prefer astrology over other forms of divination just because of the complex and scientific nature.

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