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Whispers Of Our Ancestors

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Whispers Of Our Ancestors


As the veil diminishes and doorways open

Excitement fills the air,

The last harvest, ripe, and the moon, full,

There’s magick everywhere!!!!


I hear the whispers of our ancestors, in the wind, they say…

Honour the old ways and stay true to your path

Give thanks and be great full for all that you have

Remember the power within and wise ones before

The wisdom gained, lessons learned and more

Set a place and at your table and there we shall be

Re united and feasting together as one family

Fire be blazing, divination and rites entertaining

Renewal and transformation we’ll also be celebrating

It’s a time to reflect on the things we can change

Let go of the past, banish old habits and ways

Know, that in the greatest of darkness, there is the greatest light.

Now let’s go have some fun , for this is our night!


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