Day: 11 January 2014

Our Sacred PlaceOur Sacred Place

We meet in our sacred place … when you feel my call Together we unite, become one and all We dance and we embrace the cool of the night Under


She comes to me in my darkest hour showering her love upon me In a gentle voice she calls my name And lights the way ahead Guiding me through the

Outside Looking InOutside Looking In

  I’m running around blindly Dont know which way to go Silence surrounds me Confusion begins to grow These corridors all look the same There are so many doors The

Calling AngelsCalling Angels

When I call to you, you come to me Help to set my sorrows free You heared my tears dropping heavily on the floor You helped me to open the

Tender HeartTender Heart

What is in a simple hug … a little kiss or a tender heart open A friendly smile and soft words spoken? A warmth that rushes through you that comforting