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Mindfulness Meditation and Its Many Benefits

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Mindfulness meditation can be performed any time, anywhere and this is one of its most appealing attributes. Incorporating mindfulness meditation into your daily life will also bring with it the added benefits of reduced stress, enhanced concentration and greater overall wellbeing. Many Eastern cultures place great emphasis on mindfulness meditation and consider it an essential part of spiritual practice as well as a way of living that brings with it rich rewards.

To practice mindfulness meditation, all you need do is observe whatever activity you are involved in without engaging too much. By detaching from what you are doing, you give your mind a chance to work in a different way, allowing any thoughts to simply drift through.

In many respects, mindfulness meditation is similar to a walking meditation in that the act of walking is simply a method of instilling a meditative rhythm. You observe everything around you but do not engage with it. Instead, you allow it to pass as you, too, carry on with what you are doing.

Mindfulness meditation can become a part of almost any activity. Sportsmen and women often report going into a meditative state, often referred to as ‘flow,’ as they let go and allow their muscles and bodies to take over rather than directing with their minds. Any repetitive motion such as swimming, running or even bouncing a ball is therefore conducive to mindfulness meditation as it helps to instil that same sense of rhythmic activity which induces a meditative state.

Even daily chores such as ironing or cooking can be a part of a mindfulness meditation. Begin by just allowing yourself to carry out the motion while detaching from it. Gradually start to decrease the pace of that motion until you feel its rhythm taking over. For some people, imagining that they are doing something in slow motion can help them get into the ‘flow’ that is optimal for a mindful experience.

You could, for example, be stirring a pot of food in slow, rhythmic circles, observing the sweep of your spoon through the mixture but not engaging with it. Any thoughts that enter your head can be similarly observed without ever becoming intrusive. Let go of those hundred and one other chores you have to do after this one and simply be in the moment, stirring your food, present but disengaged.

The beauty of mindfulness meditation is that it allows you to take a few moments out of your daily life to refresh without impinging on it. You do not need to set aside extra time or find a quiet space. All you have to do is slow down, detach and give yourself a break from the constant multitasking that is a part of our frenetic modern lives.

Being mindful simply means being truly present and fully aware of yourself, your activity and your surroundings while remaining serene, centered and detached from any and all extraneous thoughts. It is a wonderful way to add more meaning to your day while at the same time energizing and relaxing in a truly holistic fashion.

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