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How To Do A Walking Meditation

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A walking meditation can be just as calming and effective as a traditional sitting meditation and has the added advantage of allowing you to connect with nature which amplifies the calming, de-stressing effects of this exercise.

Simply focusing on your footsteps and their rhythm helps to induce a meditative state and many people find this the most accessible method of meditation.

Follow these easy steps to get the most out of your walking meditation experience.

1. Try to set aside at least 20 – 30 minutes for your walking meditation and make sure that this time is used purely for the experience. Do not combine your meditation with going on an errand, for example, or for getting from one place to another. This is your time, to be used as a calming, de-stressing aid to your health and wellbeing. It is therefore best to try to perform your walking meditation outside and as close to nature as possible. If you live in a city, you can still appreciate the signs of nature such as birdsong, trees and even clouds in the sky.

2. Before you begin your walking meditation take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes if you wish and breathe in and out slowly and deeply. Focus on your breath and notice how it expands your chest and belly. Do not try to alter the rhythm of your breath but simply observe it. Allow your breathing to return to normal and notice this rhythm before opening your eyes if necessary. Become aware of your body and your surroundings and notice how you feel within that environment. Retain this heightened level of observation as you begin your walk.

3. Start your walking meditation at a relaxed even pace. Notice how your body is feeling as you move rhythmically through space. Feel yourself moving through your feet and feel that movement travelling through your hips and arms. If thoughts pop into your head simply notice them and then let them drift away.

4. If you feel any tension your body let it go and allow that part of your body to relax. Notice the sights, smells and sounds around you but, again, simply notice them before letting them drift away. Keep your focus on the way your body is moving and the sensations this creates. Do not analyse or over-think this but simply let it happen. When you come to the end of your walking meditation give yourself a few more moments to center and take in some deep breaths before coming to full awareness. Carry the sense of profound relaxation you will have engendered as you continue with your day.

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