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  • Moon Phases & Working With Them

    Moon Phases & Working With Them
    THE MOON .... The moon is seen as a female symbol, and was worshipped in ancient times as a powerful force. It is believed to be linked to the unconscious and our feminine side. The sacredness of the moon has been connected with the basic cyclic rhythms of life. The changing phases of the moon were linked to the death and rebirth seen in crops and the seasons, and also to the female monthly cycle that controls human fertility. The moon calendar is still important and many festivals exist around the lunar phases. ✯•.•´¯`•.•❀•.•´¯`•.•☽•.•´¯`•.• ♥ •.•´¯`•.•☾•.•´¯`•.•❀•.•´¯`•.• MOON PHASES .... Knowing the phases of the moon and making the most of that moon energy is the perfect way to connect with your inner rhythms. Try and look up at the night sky whenever you get the chance and look at how beautiful the moon looks shining down upon our earth. The sun and the moon influence all of our energy cycles. The sun gives us a dynamic manifestation of energy with heat and light whilst the moon’s reflective qualities distribute this energy during the darkness hours, bringing receptivity and assimilation. ✯•.•´¯`•.•❀•.•´¯`•.•☽•.•´¯`•.• ♥ •.•´¯`•.•☾•.•´¯`•.•❀•.•´¯`•✯ THE NEW OR DARK MOON ....... When is the Dark Moon? : Also known as the "dead" Moon, this is the time when there is no solar reflection, leaving the lunar face in darkness. The dark lasts about three days before the new crescent appears. Is this the same as the New Moon?: For many, the new Moon begins at the moment of the Sun-Moon conjunction, but for others it remains the dark Moon until that crescent is in view. As the Moon wanes toward those final days of darkness, there's often a turn inward. In those contemplative moments, the inner reality is presented through dreams and waking visions. It's fertile ground for the new Moon intentions to be conjured. How does the Dark Moon.... read more
  • Witchcraft, Magick And The Planets

    Witchcraft, Magick And The Planets
    Witchcraft, Magick And The Planets   If you are practicing some form of witchcraft , performing a specific spell at a specific time of day, on a specific day of the week can greatly influence the power and intent of the spell. So paying attention to the movement of planets, or knowing what planet rules the day or time you are planning on casting during, can greatly help or hinder your success.   The sun, moon, and stars are as much a part of the practice of witchcraft as the casting of the circle or the burning of candles. The universe plays a supportive role in the creation and the fulfilling of spells we project into it. Human intent can be strengthened or hampered by the movement and position of a planet or the time of the month the spell is cast.   As long as humans have known of their existence and have tracked their paths across the sky they have been associated with magick and superstition. Early in our history men that we now call astrologers believed that the position of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of our birth determined everything from our personalities, what type of person we would marry, and often our destiny. That belief became a part of witchcraft when pagan religions became frowned upon by monotheistic religions.   The planets closest to Earth are those that are recognized, worshipped, and thought to have the most power over human life. The main reason for this is because these planets were known, observed, and charted for centuries before the outer planets were discovered.   The planets pull in the universe was thought to play a role in how our moods and actions on a daily basis can be effected and changed. They are also believed to have as much magickal power and influence.... read more
  • Difference hemisphere?

    Difference  hemisphere?
    Why are the phases different in each hemisphere?   The Moon orbits near the equator of the Earth. In the northern hemisphere, we're standing on the opposite side of the globe from countries in the southern hemisphere i.e. we are "upside down" from each other! We therefore see the Moon from a completely different vantage point from each other.   As the moon orbits the earth, we see the sunlit part of the moon.   The Moon orbits near the equator of the Earth.   People in different hemispheres see the moon in a slightly different way. In the Southern Hemisphere, people see the moon 'upside down' so the side which is shining (sunlit) seems the opposite from the Northern Hemisphere.     Countries in the different hemispheres see the Moon from a completely different vantage point from each other.   In the northern hemisphere the first quarter looks like a growing D, while in the southern hemisphere it looks like a C.   In the northern hemisphere the last quarter looks like a C, while in the southern hemisphere looks like a D.   In the Northern Hemisphere the sunlit part of the moon moves from right to left.   DOC (D first quarter O full Moon C last quarter)     In the Southern Hemisphere the sunlit part moves from the left to the right.   C O D (C first quarter O full Moon D last quarter)   Author ~  Crimson Earth ~ Image via Google .... read more
  • Moon Phases Explained

    Moon Phases Explained
      Phases of the moon as seen in the Southern Hemisphere   Phases of the moon as seen in the Northern Hemisphere   The Moon travels around the Earth. The revolution of the Moon around the Earth makes the Moon appear as if it is changing shape in the sky. From Earth we see the Moon grow from a thin crescent to a full disk (or full moon) and then shrink back to a thin crescent again before vanishing for a few days. The Moon phases are produced by the alignment of the Moon and the Sun in the sky. The lit part of the Moon always points the way to the Sun. So What is the phase of the moon? The changing shape of the bright part of the Moon that we see is called its phase. What causes part of the Moon to be lit up? The moon is illuminated because it reflects the light from the sun. The part of the moon facing the sun is lit up. The part facing away from the sun is in darkness. What causes the different phases of the Moon? The phases of the Moon depend on its position in relation to the Sun and Earth. As the Moon makes its way around the Earth, we see the bright parts of the Moon's surface at different angles. These are called "phases" of the Moon. What are the different phases of the Moon called? The phases of the moon work in a cycle starting with the new moon. Did you know? Countries near the equator see the crescent moon shaped like a smile? There are eight phases of the moon The phases are named after how much of the moon we can see, and whether the amount visible is increasing, or decreasing each day. It takes our Moon about 29.5 days to completely cycle through all eight phases. This is known as a Lunar.... read more

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