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Caring ~ Cleansing ~ Charging And Programming Your Crystals

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CARING For Your New Crystals

Crystal holds wonderful magical and healing properties….crystals are a gentle,non-invasive system of holistic healing with no side effects.
All crystals are beautiful and should be enjoyed and on display.
Don’t hide them away; they love to be loved.
They should be cleansed and re-energised once a month.
Crystal jewellery should be cleansed after every use.


There are many ways to cleanse and re-energise your crystals;none of them is any better than another…. It’s all down to personal choice and your intention that’s whats important.
However … there are some methods where caution should be used when cleansing with water and or the sunshine….. Which is mentioned below ……

Water With Sunshine Or Moonshine

One of the easiest methods is by holding the crystals under running water, or immersing them in sea or salt water.
During this washing you should hold the intention that all negativity will be washed away and then by allowing them to dry in the sunshine or moonshine, they will be fully re-energised and ready to be used again.
You can leave your crystals outside to enjoy the sun or moon, but placing them on a window sill will be fine.

As mentioned above, caution should be used when using this method.It should not be used with fragile or pointed crystals, or on crystals that are likely to fade in the sunlight.
Some crystals, like selenite, are water soluble, and therefore should not be cleansed with this method.

As a precaution, any crystals that end in * it* is probably water soluble.

It is also important not to place the crystals where the sunrays can focus on the crystal in a way which could start a fire … Not good lol ….

Sea Salt or Rock Salt

For those more delicate crystals and crystal clusters, that are not soluble, these can be left out overnight in sea or rock salt.
The following morning, gently brush the salt away with a very soft paintbrush.
It is important to ensure that all the salt is brushed away as it could damage the crystals, especially if left in a damp atmosphere.


A slightly longer, but equally effective method is smudging.
You can either use a specially prepared smudge stick – these are usually made with herbs, the most commonly used is sage; or you can use an incense stick, turning the crystal over and over in the smoke, keeping your intent on cleansing and re-energising it.

You can also cleanse your crystals by using a candle flame in the same way as smudging, with the obvious caution of not getting too close to the naked flame.

Other Crystals

Another easy way of cleansing your crystals is to keep them in a box or bag with one of the other crystals which have the ability to cleanse and re-energise other crystals……

For example …… Carnelian, amethyst, and clear quartz…. You should subsequently cleanse these.
Amethyst and clear-quartz clusters can also be used to cleanse and re-energise smaller crystals, simply place the crystals on the cluster and leave overnight.

Tingsha Bells or Singing Bowls

Gently ” clinking ” a set of Tingsha bells over the crystals, or using a singing bowl will also cleanse your crystals with the frequency/ vibrational sounds.

Cleansing Meditations

There are many guided meditations which will enable you to cleanse several crystals at once also relaxing you at the same time 🙂


As you will know, all crystals have more than one healing attribute and therefore need to be ” programmed” or asked to help with your particular need. Once you have done this, you will not need to repeat it, unless or until you change your healing need; simply cleanse as above following each time you use it.

To program your crystal bless it and ask it to do what you want of it, how you want it to work.Crystals must only be programmed to work for the highest good and for the best interest of the person using/receiving it.
Reiki or other complimentary healers can use their particular healing on the crystals before using or giving them away.

Crystals are a wonderful gift from our mother earth … Their powers can be greatly enhanced by treating them with respect and recognising that they are powerful beings – and by focusing their energies on the highest good of all concerned.

Whether you use your crystals for healing mind, body, psyche or spirit, remember to show them some love

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