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Eclectic Witches create their own personal practices and belief or religious systems by re-creating knowledge, practices and other various parts of wide spread belief systems from other pagan, neo-pagan and non-pagan religions that could be considered outside the normal scope of Witchcraft or Wicca, such as Buddhism and Christianity.

Many Eclectic Witches refer to themselves as Solitary Practitioners, Sorcerors, Hedge Witches, Green, White, and Grey Witches. Some even consider themselves Wicca, as long as the Rede is adhered to, the Earth and the Universe revered, A Goddess and/or God is acknowledged and worshipped and the practitioner stays true to themselves…

The idea that the reason someone is Eclectic is a lack of knowledge or that they are somehow less within the Craft is an incorrect misconception. The truth is, most Eclectic Witches are extremely knowledgeable and well studied within many differing aspects and traditions of their Craft. They have not one, but many traditions that they work within.

I am an Eclectic Witch.I choose from various parts of wide spread belief systems that make up my faith, I have chosen to blend together all the many understandings that make up my own personal , magickal and spiritual path while forever remaining true to myself.

For myself personally, to be Eclectic means to have the freedom to choose from a variety of sources. I feel theres a greater sense of ‘self awareness’ when you decide for yourself what you truly believe in, allowing no others to tell you what you should believe . You know inside your own heart what is true; it is that which makes you feel spiritually complete within your own personal devotion and that which will lead you on the right path … always! x

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