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There are two forms of incense noncombustible and combustible incense, both are used in magickal practices.

Noncombustible Incense

Once you have all the necessary ingredients ( Read here for the most frequently used ingredients)

using a mortar and pestle or electric grinder, finely grind, preferably to a powder.

When your mix is ready, fix your mind on the purpose and intent of the incense ie, health, love, and protection. In a large wooden or ceramic bowl, mix resin and gum with your hands while mingling the fragrant substances together visualize your personal power going into the incense mixture. It is this process that makes homemade incense more effective than in commercial counterparts when used in your magickal rituals and practices.

Next, mix in all the powdered leaves, bark, flowers, and roots and as you mix continue to visualise or concentrate on the incense’s goal.

Now add the essential oils or liquids ( wine, honey, etc) that are included in your recipe and thoroughly mix together. The incense is now fully compound. Empower the incense (see here) and you are done.

Store in a tightly capped jar and label carefully making sure you include the name of the incense and the date of composition.

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